Apartment For Sale in Tulum, Tulum

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•  58.2 sqm , 1 bath , 1 bdrm apartment FOR SALE  USD236,900 .

Stay close to nature with us!

We are a residential complex mostly surrounded by vegetation and nature with unique sensations through its different

The luxury community spaces are integrated into nature o the complex offers jungle gardens, community pools with
connected channels, magical outdoor spaces , hammock areas integrated into the river, multipurpose pavilions and sports equipment,
as well as interconnected rooftop pools, gym/yoga, deck areas, and outdoor parking.

The area is constantly growing and stands out for its access to beautiful beaches with unique natural landscapes. The s it combines
the tranquility of the jungle and the dynamism of the Caribbean Sea.

The common areas and services add value to staying in a complex of this level.
The site, the design and the service are the elements that can make you enjoy a dream place to spend your days.

Common areas and services:

• Access areas integrated into nature
• Indoor gym area
• Pools on deck with connecting corridors
• Ground-level pools integrated into nature
• Multipurpose pavilions
• Outdoor areas for being in an environment endowed with native vegetation and spectacular views
• Provision of numerous parking spaces

Ecology and luxury in one place!

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